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When is Open Enrollment?

Open Enrollment are Mondays from 6AM to 6PM. You must fill out a registration form and pay the registration fee ($25) to enroll in classes. Please email us at to register for Open Enrollment or register online here.

What are our hours of operation?

Monday-Friday: 10:00am-5:00pm 

Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Office Email:

How can I become a Faith Partner?

Please click here to download our Faith Partnership Form as a way to help give into the vision of our institution. 

What kind of diploma will I receive?

Each school or course completed will receive a certificate and letter of recommendation from our Dean, Governor & Apostle Jeannette Ingram. 

What is the classroom format like?

Each class is conducted online via the GoToMeeting app. We encourage all students to download the GoToMeeting app for the best participation and to fully benefit from classes and coursework.  

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